The Animation Guild

The creative labor in the digital age was deeply affected in the Writers Guild of America strike, which began November 2007 and lasted until February 2008. The strike sought better funding for labor unions and job security in comparison with big-named film and TV studios. Traditionally, workers in these labor unions, such as screenwriters, aren’t […]

“Empires of Entertainment”: The War on Studios

HBO, the premium TV network that made its debut in 1972, harbors some of TV’s most groundbreaking and renowned programs. Over the past few years, it has gained even more attraction due to the popularization of shows such as Game of Thrones, and the many additional features that come with the HBO packet, such as […]

The Success and Failure of the Movie Sequel

When you think of movie sequels, does the word profit come to mind? When you begin to type into Google “why do sequels…”, the first word the site suggests to complete the sentence is “fail”, so for most people, the answer to that question is probably no.  Yet it generally depends on the franchise, as […]

From Radio to Cabin Pressure: Podcasting as a Form of Digital Media

The infatuation of the podcast is a journey that can be traced back to its roots as the simple radio, which families would gather around to listen to in the early 1920s. The technological evolution within the years to follow popularized the television, yet despite the constant innovations, radio remained seemingly unthreatened. The rise of the podcast […]

Think It’s Too Late to Learn Guitar? Don’t “Fret”

Ever wanted to play guitar but don’t have the time or money for private lessons? With the Jamstik+, it’s easier now more than ever to pick up basic guitar chords in a matter of minutes. The Jamstik+ is designed to look like a guitar with the neck, strings, and frets, but is connected wirelessly via […]