Creative Work, Sustainability, and MLB

In Andrew Ross’ book, Nice Work If You Can Get It: Life and Labor in Precarious Times, he talks about the instability of work in the Creative Industries. He calls for sustainability in the workforce because there is none. It’s needed if we want to survive, and not just live paycheck to paycheck. We all […]

A New World for Reality TV

In 2007, the WGA went on strike against the AMPTP to protest a lack of pay and compensation for Internet-produced work. Because the writers were not working, many distributors turned to reality television as a substitute for scripted shows. These proved to be highly successful, as seen with Survivor. While reality television proved to be a […]

Perks of Hiring Teen Writers: Age Diversity in Workplaces

My friend recently posted an article by the New York Times about diversity in the workplace and this diversity they spoke about was race. It was a great read and had a very thoughtful conclusion, but until reading No-Collar, by Andrew Ross, I never really thought about the term ‘diversity’ extending beyond race and gender. […]

Bohemia the Prison

Richard Lloyd in his book, Neo-Bohemia, provides a history of the rise of artists, or bohemians, in Chicago’s Wicker Park. I want to look specifically at the 20th century, postindustrial bohemia. The postindustrial bohemia brought in new artists to the city, looking to live and work creatively, but found themselves filling the title of, ‘the […]

Millennials Shaping the Workplace

In my mind, I thought the Creative Class was limited to those under the stereotypical artist category, but Richard Florida, in The Rise of the Creative Class: Revisited, states,” the distinguishing characteristic of the Creative Class is that its members engage in work whose function is to ‘create meaningful new forms’” (38). So, this definition […]

The Ethics of Filming Abroad

When thinking of the land of movies, the automatic first response is, ‘Hollywood.’ It’s where the glitz and glamour happens! However, Hollywood is a bit of a façade. No doubt, films are imagined, produced, and sold here, but as time goes on, Hollywood isn’t the only place where you can find movie magic. “Clearly, ‘globalization’ […]

The Problem With Blockbusters

            Tom Schatz analyses the studio system in his book, The Contemporary Hollywood Film Industry. He looks at how films are produced and by whom and the freedom to create within the confines of the business of Hollywood. Schatz makes a point of looking at New Hollywood. New Hollywood had […]