Pardon My Take

Pardon my take was first released on February 28th, 2016. The podcast is financed by Barstool sports and airs three times a week. (Monday, Wednesday, Friday). This podcast could be described as being a mix of sports and comedy. The two hosts of the podcast are Dan “Big Cat” Katz and Eric Sollenberger Aka, PFT […]

A Magical Sport

Seven books, eight movies, it is clear that Harry Potter is one of the largest media franchises to date. The franchise was estimated to be worth 25 billion dollars in 2016. This massive franchise has produced lots of fans and corky activities that are tied to the storyline of Harry Potter. Quidditch is a wild […]

Giving Editors a Voice

When one goes to see a movie they may not think about the countless hours and long shifts put into creating a piece of work that only lasts an hour and a half. When really it can take sometimes years before a film is complete and ready to be seen. If one dives deep into […]

The Endless Search for Market Control

Basic cable was a main source of entertainment, but there has been a shift in how one sources their entertainment and how they’re viewing it. Everyone has Netflix these days (or you have the login from a friend of a friend), streaming platforms like Netflix, HBO, Sling TV, Youtube TV, Amazon Prime, Hulu, etc have […]

Turning Cities into Art

When someone thinks about art, they think painting, music, film, dance, etc. Where is this art being created? on a piece of paper? in a theater? It is important to note that there is lots of creativity being produced on cities. We’ve talked about the idea of bricoleur, which has to do with individuals taking […]