Giving Editors a Voice

When one goes to see a movie they may not think about the countless hours and long shifts put into creating a piece of work that only lasts an hour and a half. When really it can take sometimes years before a film is complete and ready to be seen. If one dives deep into […]

The Endless Search for Market Control

Basic cable was a main source of entertainment, but there has been a shift in how one sources their entertainment and how they’re viewing it. Everyone has Netflix these days (or you have the login from a friend of a friend), streaming platforms like Netflix, HBO, Sling TV, Youtube TV, Amazon Prime, Hulu, etc have […]

Turning Cities into Art

When someone thinks about art, they think painting, music, film, dance, etc. Where is this art being created? on a piece of paper? in a theater? It is important to note that there is lots of creativity being produced on cities. We’ve talked about the idea of bricoleur, which has to do with individuals taking […]