What is film?

“The debate is not just about the director, but about the nature of the art form,” he adds. “Is the picture the singular vision of one person, albeit a collaborative expression, or is it more of an industrial product? That was the debate in 1936, and it’s the debate in 2006” Pond, 2006. Everyone and […]

From Drive-Thrus to iPhones

You walk through the big glass doors, the blast of cold air hits you in the face, the sent of popcorn and that old dewy carpet sneak through your nostrils. The bright lights make the deep red interior draw you in, the loud noises from all directions through your attention every which way. Then you […]

The Beauty of Pollution

NASA has created a model called, Goddard Earth Observing System Forward Processing (GEOS FP). It shows Aerosol particles that are suspended in our atmosphere in a visual fashion that is easy to understand. Not only is it beautiful (to be honest wanted to make it my desktop photo), but it is also informative. At first […]