Television: The Threefold

I’ve always been told that life is about taking risks. It’s something everyone’s told, but what does that really mean? When I looked at the actual definition of the word risk, it was ‘a situation involving exposure to danger.’ In regards to the television industry, I see this concept of risk as one that is […]

Metropilizing Advertising: The Underground Workers of the Creative Advertising Industry

As I read through the different chapters of ‘Media Work’ by Mark Deuze, it became clear: the creative industries aren’t producing creativity, but taking away creativity, or the ability to be creative. The more I read, the more I couldn’t help but think of the film Metropolis (1927) for reasons such as powerlessness, lack of […]

Good, Bad or Both?: Worklife in the Creative Industry

When someone utters the word ‘good’, one automatically thinks of something that is satisfying. The word ‘bad’ congers up a certain amount of negativity, and words such as boredom (a few other words) come to mind.   Looking deeper into these two words in terms of the Creative Industries, a question for me arose: Is it […]