Pod Save America[h]

Pod Save America is a political commentary podcast that brands itself as a “no-bullshit conversation about politics.” Developed and produced under Crooked Media, its origins are explained to be a direct result of the general hysteria/confusion in the media following the election of Donald Trump to the American Presidency in 2016. One of its enduring […]

Television Franchises: BREAKING BAD

To me, a television series is a great opportunity to create a franchise because when compared to traditional cinema, much of a shows storyline is organic and not preordained, leading to new storylines that are just as impressionable as the original. A successful television series like Breaking Bad has many talented individuals behind its creation […]

A Poorly Directed Idea: THE DGA?

The more learn about the Directors Guild of America (DGA), the more skeptical I become. From what I can discern on their website and other sources like this one from Slate, I am confused as to how the DGA is still in business and not known as a scam among directors in the film industry. […]

Creative Industries & Their Citizens

While I did not fully grasp all of Jennifer Holt’s extensive Empires of Entertainment, I did find her commentary about citizens playing a role in shaping the future entertainment empires to be quite thought provoking. To me, too often I find myself forgetting that as a consumer of content, I have a direct role in […]

Creativity from Culture: Jio Vichaar Entrepreneurship Challenge

Over this past summer, I travelled to India to create a promotional video for Wheaton’s all new: Jio Vichaar Entrepreneurship Challenge. The premise for Jio Vichaar is simple: highschool students from all over India are encouraged to form a team, create a product or service, undertake an online series of entrepreneurship courses put on by Wheaton and then compete against other teams for venture capitalism and professional business mentors. All said and done, the challenge is the first of its kind for Wheaton and I felt intimidated by the prospect of making a promotional video for it.