Is Disney Still On Top?

    According to Jennifer Holt’s book, Empire of Entertainment, Walt Disney dominated the box office since nearly 1984 when Jeffrey Katzenberg left Paramount to lead Disney. Holt calls this a renaissance period for Disney. Between 1991 and 1996, Disney was still top of the box office and Warner Bros. was the only other close […]

Are You A TruthSeekah?

While I am new to podcast listening, there seems to be endless possibilities for podcast topics including news, entertainment, and society. Podcasts provide a variety of ideas for individuals to tune in on while dually creating a community of listeners based around a particular interest. A podcast in particular that I found eye catching is […]

Building Conscious Culture

By Trina Manoloulis Philosophy is an intriguing area of study that uses what one knows to be true and discusses the patterns of beings and thinking that is before us. As technological advancement proceeds further to next level processes to problem solve, the philosophical discussions must adapt to these changes. This must be done without […]