(W)here’s the Rub?!: A General Guide to Understanding the Creative Industry as The Corporation

In the last few months, we have examined the corporate structure which organizes our creative industry. In the foreseeable conclusion to our course, Ross outlines the ways in which these structures have ascribed purpose, value, and “protections” in our new industry. He explains that the purpose which we understand, organizes and structures ideas with the hope that […]

Fanon Calls bulls**t on your Revolution

Andrew Ross considers the impossible position of creatives in the industry in his piece No- Collar.   In the piece he complicates the misconception about the creative industry, namely that it exists. The existence of the “creative industry” as we understand it implies that there has been a shift away from the capitalist model from […]

Globalization? Not today.

While reading Tanner Mirrlees piece on Global Entertainment Media,  I, was forced to reconsider the double bind which occupies the the creative industries. In the past weeks, my peers and I have studied the way in which the creative industries remain an extremely difficult field to broach.  Arguably the most challenging aspect aside from actually establishing […]

Now you see me… No, actually, you don’t

It is safe to say that when we think of old Hollywood, an image comes to mind. An actor, The clothing, hair, or music all evoke the era of some of the most highly regarded classic films. However these films are only as good as the studio’s which produced them, and the studio system which […]

Reflections on the Future: I Knew This Would Happen

In solidarity with my peer’s piece on the future I offer my own thoughts on the end of my life, commonly referred to as graduation.  In gearing up for my senior year of college I found myself considering the repercussions of what I had, or rather had not done, in the past 3 years of […]