Why are Writers Exploited for Their Work and Who is Supposed to Help?

For a long time, there have been creative people who make, write, or build art for the masses to enjoy, and also those who would seek to exploit them to profit off of that art. Over time these mediums have evolved and new ones have been created. In the modern age, it has become easier […]

One of the few things worth hitting Reply All for

The podcast, ‘Reply All,’ was launched by Gimlet Media in 2014 as one of the podcasts that support the company. ‘Reply All’ is hosted by PJ Vogt and Alex Goldman who used to host a technology and culture radio broadcast before they came to the show. The show has a similar feeling to This American […]

Building a Community after Gaining a Moment of Internet Fame

Access to media created by non-professionals is and has been at an all time high. People put funny or interesting videos up on the internet. Some creators will have a video go viral or build a community over time. But what happens when a creator puts something online, it goes viral, and immediately the entire audience […]