Sorry Mom I Tried To Get A Job

Many creatives train themselves throughout their time in college but are stuck trying to find themselves a job. Many end up still working in unpaid internships or looking for an “In” to companies. For me this is definitely a great fear because the whole time we are in college we are told to do unpaid […]

Competitively Creative

The creative industry consists of a variety of talent as described by Mietzner and Kamprath in A Competence Portfolio for Professionals in the Creative Industries : “The term ‘Creative Industries’ particularly includes companies which create, produce or distribute cultural and creative products and services” Mietzner and Kamprath The world has become more creative oriented than […]

Looking for a Job in Creative Industries? Me Too.

There’s no surprise that any student or newly college graduate finds themselves in a position of really digging to find a job within their creative industry. There always has been a stigma of those involved in art or entertainment to face the challenge of a ‘make it or break it’ situation. Sadly, this still seems […]

Surprise! The Perfect Package

WORK. JOBS. All of us soon to be real world adults are just chomping at the bit to become full time employees, or at least that is the hope… After spending x amount of money to put me through college I sure as hell am. The only issue now a days is that a college […]

Creativity: Endless and Impossible

We live in a time where jobs in the creative world are basically endless, while – at times – almost impossible to find. With endless access to literally anything you need at our fingertips, people have been given an outlet to create and share on a level that keeps expanding. On top of the familiar […]

Creatively Unemployed

  When deciding which college I would attend I was confronted with two choices; either attending an institution focused exclusively on the arts and the technical skills that accompany it, or a liberal arts institution where my education would be less focused but ultimately more diverse in nature. When most people learned that I chose […]

Creativity in You and Skills to Success

Creativity is a skill that from experience often felt overlooked in terms of my own experiences with applying for jobs, before I switched into the creative field. Before discovering my passion for Film and Media, I was studying medicine. Rather, employers of internships I would attempt to pursue would look at hard evidence that I […]