A Filmmaker and Chef with a Dream

Binging with Babish is a cooking show that teaches its viewers delicious recipes by its host Oliver Babish. Oliver Babish is an alias for Andrew Rea who is an entrepreneur, chef, filmmaker, and writer. The setting of the show is in Andrew’s apartment located in Harlem of New York City. Binging With Babish has 3,000,000 […]

Art from the Garage

1Man1Garage is an Etsy shop run by Marcus Williams, which creates intricate woodworking art and projects.  Started in 2013, Williams and co-owner Sj Stone accumulated the tools they wanted to complete their designs and from Williams’s garage as a space to develop their designs before creating their Etsy shop. Now in 2017, Williams and Stone […]

Fallen Titans: H3H3

The H3 Podcast was started by popular YouTube creators Ethan and Hila Klein as a companion piece to their main YouTube channel, H3H3 Productions. This podcast originally started off as a small yet high-production endeavor, with the two hosts able to make live commentary on subjects they found humorous while interacting with their fanbase. The […]

“My Brother, My Brother and Me” or How the McElroy Brothers Became the Comedy King’s of Podcast

Griffin McElroy, Justin McElroy, and Travis McElroy known collectively as the McElroy brothers, started a podcast roughly eight years ago and have since spawned a comedic empire with themselves and eventually their extended family, and even turned their podcast into a television show for NBC’s now defunct Seeso streaming service. The McElroy family has other […]

Hot takes, Cool Thrones, and The Rise of Parody Podcasts

Barstool Sports released their first podcast titled “Pardon My Take” in February of 2016. With over 420 podcasts, and a new, one and a half hour, episode being released every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, it is clear that the show’s hosts “Big Cat” and “PFT Commenter” are doing something right. In an interview with GQ, […]

A Look at “Alice Isn’t Dead”— Successful Audio in a Visual World

In a world where visual streaming content seems to reign supreme, it may be a shock to you that there is another rising medium that proves to be equally as captivating: podcasting. What is podcasting? Podcasts are audio works made available through streaming on the internet, usually coming in installments. Podcasts can be more “talky […]

Tiny Desk Concerts at NPR

NPR’s Tiny Desk Concerts series began in 2008, a creation of Bob Boilen. He characterizes the Tiny Desk performances as “intimate”, and makes a point to feature both “emerging artists” and “well-known musicians”. Boilen is also creator and host to NPR’s All Songs Considered, and has been bringing his musical influence to NPR since 1988. […]