The Endless Search for Market Control

Basic cable was a main source of entertainment, but there has been a shift in how one sources their entertainment and how they’re viewing it. Everyone has Netflix these days (or you have the login from a friend of a friend), streaming platforms like Netflix, HBO, Sling TV, Youtube TV, Amazon Prime, Hulu, etc have […]


When looking at clothing companies there is a certain dynamic when it comes to clothing companies and the digital age. Clothing companies and the digital age tend to come together when you look at the age ranges between 13 and 25 (teenagers and young adults). This age dynamic has been known to prefer being less […]

A Monopoly’s Morals

The day before starting Tim Wu’s book, The Master Switch (2010), I engaged in healthy debate with a good friend of mine on issues surrounding modern tech companies in regards to innovation, privacy, and capitalism. I argued CEOs such as Elon Musk, Mark Zuckerberg, and Jeff Bezos were positively contributing to society through their respective breakthroughs […]

Creativity & The Arts

Perhaps one of the greatest pitfalls in contemporary society is the absence of the arts and creative thinking in our psyche. To that end, Ken Robinson’s TedTalk really resonated with me, as did Austin Kleon’s presentation. I think the way the arts are presented to people is completely misconstrued. Math and the sciences are important, […]

Amazon Studios and the “Open Medium”

A friend informed me yesterday of Amazon’s search for the next big online series, and it’s actually a pretty great idea as far as I can tell. I looked into it, and it brought me to Amazon Studios, a division of that relies on online submissions and crowd-sourced feedback in order to produce creative materials such […]