The Brady Bunch: An Iconic Family But Not Royalty

“Here’s the story, of a lovely lady, who was bringing up three very lovely girls…” Gosh, what a catchy song, a stuck in the head jingle, and it’s attached to a show that I still find myself enjoying even now. The television hit The Brady Bunch was a show that lasted for five seasons, still […]

How to Win the Game of Advertisements

What is a magazine? For Brooke Duffy, author of Remake, Remodel: Women’s Magazines in the Digital Age, the answer is multifaceted. Starting with the “Big Six” magazines of the early twentieth century, Duffy outlines the history of the “glossy,” tracking the transformations of the medium over time and the influence of digital culture on its […]

BuzzFeed: The Shift from Distribution to Circulation

Henry Jenkins, Sam Ford, and Joshua Green explore the way in which media is shared in Spreadable Media: Creating Value and Meaning in a Networked Culture. The ideas in this book touch on topics that we have explored this semester. When I think of “spreadable media”, I think of videos, pictures, and memes that go […]

The HBO Empire and “The Business of Creating Addicts”

Jennifer Holt’s Empires of Entertainment: Media Industries and the Politics of Deregulation (1980-1996) is certainly a successful and exhaustive journey into the depths of American entertainment as we know it today. Firmly rooted in political and economical details and evidence, Empires of Entertainment closely examines the slow process of deregulation that worked its way through various media industries, […]