Hot takes, Cool Thrones, and The Rise of Parody Podcasts

Barstool Sports released their first podcast titled “Pardon My Take” in February of 2016. With over 420 podcasts, and a new, one and a half hour, episode being released every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, it is clear that the show’s hosts “Big Cat” and “PFT Commenter” are doing something right. In an interview with GQ, […]

The “Day” Job and the “Real” Job

Since pretty much the beginning of time it’s been the case that artists support themselves with “day” jobs. Even Vincent van Gogh had a number of “day” jobs—he worked as an apprentice to an art dealer, a lay preacher, at a bookstore, and even as a schoolteacher in England (Nix). Teaching is often a route […]

The Creatives Struggle To Balance Time: How Do You Do it? (I Don’t Know)

In his book War on Art by Steven Pressfield, he discusses our resistance to work through multiple lenses one of which is the constant checking of our cell phones.  This book is a must read for anyone in the creative field, especially writers.  In Richard Florida’s The Rise of the Creative Class he has a […]