Skills, Skills, Skills

As I navigate the monster that is the Creative Industry I always weigh the impact of showcasing my technical or soft skills more while trying to secure a job. My technical skills mean my knowledge of different editing softwares and cameras, and my soft skills of leadership, interpersonal relations, ect. I have found employers are […]

Competitively Creative

The creative industry consists of a variety of talent as described by Mietzner and Kamprath in A Competence Portfolio for Professionals in the Creative Industries : “The term ‘Creative Industries’ particularly includes companies which create, produce or distribute cultural and creative products and services” Mietzner and Kamprath The world has become more creative oriented than […]

The Evolving Industry

To comment on the future of creative industries is a difficult task. Creative industries change and evolve with the times and, in large part, with technology. With that being said, professions in creative industries jobs look different within a year never mind in five years. Even with the rapidly changing industry there are some key […]

Surprise! The Perfect Package

WORK. JOBS. All of us soon to be real world adults are just chomping at the bit to become full time employees, or at least that is the hope… After spending x amount of money to put me through college I sure as hell am. The only issue now a days is that a college […]

Challenging the concept of the “Protean Careerist”

By: Keegan Douglass In Ruth Bridgstock’s article “Skills for creative industries graduate success,”  empirical evidence is used to support the notion of the Protean Careerist. “Hall describe the protean career as a career orientation in which the individual, rather than the organization, is in charge, where the person’s core values drive career decisions, and where […]

Creativity: Endless and Impossible

We live in a time where jobs in the creative world are basically endless, while – at times – almost impossible to find. With endless access to literally anything you need at our fingertips, people have been given an outlet to create and share on a level that keeps expanding. On top of the familiar […]

Creating Yourself

The creative industries world is one of the fastest paced industries when it comes to change. Aspiring new creators need to be even more adaptable to not only the demand, but the other creators trying to find a niche in order to appear the most in the wide supply. Going into a creative industry implies […]

The Multiplicities of a Future in Creative Work

When my dad spoke on working in a creative industry to me, he always said: “You have to be two of three things: Genius, good with people, or hardworking.” His reasoning was that if you were going into a creative industry like his, music, to get and keep jobs you could be a jerk and […]

The Appeal of Podcasts (ft. The No Frillz Podcast)

Podcast vs. Radio “As technologies and consumption patterns change, radio has proven that it can adapt. In this context, it would seem fair and logical to consider podcasting as an extension of radio” (Berry, 8). Podcasting, on the surface, might seem like just an evolution in the art of radio talk shows. However, if you […]

The Alien that created careers

Anyone who aspires to make a career in the creative industries, especially in film, knows they need to have their big “break” to get noticed. Well, the Alien franchise may hold the best track record for giving directors their big breaks. Those directors now hold some of the most well known and decorated films under […]