Creating Yourself

The creative industries world is one of the fastest paced industries when it comes to change. Aspiring new creators need to be even more adaptable to not only the demand, but the other creators trying to find a niche in order to appear the most in the wide supply. Going into a creative industry implies […]

The Appeal of Podcasts (ft. The No Frillz Podcast)

Podcast vs. Radio “As technologies and consumption patterns change, radio has proven that it can adapt. In this context, it would seem fair and logical to consider podcasting as an extension of radio” (Berry, 8). Podcasting, on the surface, might seem like just an evolution in the art of radio talk shows. However, if you […]

Netflix Against Unionized Workers?

When Netflix came into the picture in the late 1990’s no one expected it to beat the one and only video rental service, Blockbuster. Then again, when Netflix added a streaming service to its company, the expectation for this new media was far lower than what we see today; Netflix’s influence over broadband streaming and […]

The Art of Sound: Foley Artists

Sound has the ability to sway people emotionally ranging from sadness to fear. When you are watching a film, you probably are not thinking about the art behind the creation of a specific sound. This art is the job of a Foley artist. Foley artists create every single sound in films except dialogue. Their jobs […]

Giving Editors a Voice

When one goes to see a movie they may not think about the countless hours and long shifts put into creating a piece of work that only lasts an hour and a half. When really it can take sometimes years before a film is complete and ready to be seen. If one dives deep into […]

Organizing the Aesthetics

When you think of films or television shows, many elements come to mind. There are lighting and sound specialists, actors, set builders, camera operators and numerous other positions essential to the production. Two of the most overlooked, but necessary organizations would be the costume department and the makeup department. Both of these creative careers are […]

Bursting the Redbubble: Does the Creative Market Work?

Here I am, on another afternoon staring at my monitor as I type up this post. Wait, this sounds somewhat familiar. As I’m reading another of Andrew Ross’s books (In this case, it’s Nice Work If You Can Get It: Life and Labor in Precarious Times ) I come to the realization that this is […]