Exploitation is Exploitation is Exploitation

Last year I took John Miller’s econ class Sweatshops in the World Economy in which we examined the ongoing impacts of globalization, free trade and capitalism on working conditions both abroad and in the United States. Throughout the semester we were given four definitions of a sweatshop and asked to choose the one we felt […]

Amateur activism, or, classless broadcast

Fellow majors, I address you directly: the time has come for our last official reading. And what a ride it’s been! I know more about the workforce I’ll (hopefully) soon enter than I ever thought possible. This still may not prepare me for a career, but we can dream. Anyhow. The chapters we’re focusing on […]

The Dignity of Labor

Earlier in the semester, Talitha asked our seminar if anyone would be wiling to work as a Production Assistant for $2 an hour. Some people said yes, others said no. Our discussion turned to how this would ruin the market for everyone–if there are people willing to work for $2, who truly have the choice and […]

The Payoff of No-Collar Work

Last summer I was given the opportunity to intern at a start-up called Livspace. The company essentially specialised in custom designed furniture using a web-based platform. My job was to get the word out about this new and innovative idea. For a month and a half I was slowly given control of their social media […]

Zest for work, zest for life: or, how to get yourself into a real pickle when you like your job

Ross’ intriguing case studies at Razorfish and 360hiphop in his book No-Collar: The Humane Workplace and Its Hidden Costs essentially explore the ethos in the Tumblr-fied image above. If you’ve been able to carve a life for yourself in which you do something you like and are good at, you should be happy, right? Maybe not. […]

Devil Wears Prada – The Creative World and a Damn Good Movie

You know that song Suddenly I See by KT Tunstall? You know, the one that starts out with the lyrics, “Her face is a map of the world/Is a map of the world/You can see she’s a beautiful girl/She’s a beautiful girl”? Well, whether you know the song or you don’t, whenever I hear this […]

Bohemia and Banana Shirts: The Image of Squalor in Bohemia.

So, before I really get into this post, I wanted you all to check out a song. Music and Bohemia kind of go hand in hand and Chicago, in general, has always had a great music scene (if you have time check all the songs mentioned in the reading), but I’m actually posting the song, […]