The Office Is Closed: How United Hollywood Helped Publicize The Writer’s Strike

The Office is one of my favorite comedies that’s ever aired on primetime T.V. It boasts a fantastically talented ensemble cast, genius writing, and some of the most interesting camera work that I’ve ever seen in a half hour comedy that aired on one of the major networks. I’m not alone in my love for […]

Of Webisodes and Writer’s Guilds: ABC’s “Lost” and the 2007 Writers’ Strike

I grew up in a family of Lost fans. While the series was airing on ABC from 2004-2010, I distinctly remember witnessing my parents, my older brother, and even my aunts and uncles excitedly discussing theories and episode recaps with one another. While I didn’t watch the show until years after that contentious finale was […]

The Water in Which We Swim

Cynthia Littleton’s book TV on Strike: Why Hollywood Went to War Over the Internet contextualized the concepts and ideas we’ve been discussing in class over the last few weeks through providing a real life example of the ways in which the creative class is being exploited by capitalism. Through personal accounts of writers in the […]

The One Where They Go On Strike: Friends, Netflix and the Value of Reruns

The lack of respect shown to television writers by the entertainment industry remains, to me, unfathomable. With networks struggling to attract new, dedicated audiences, one would think that the value of a good writer would be of the utmost importance. While directors and producers bring the words on the page to life and imbue typed […]

The WGA Clashes with the Rise of Digital Media

Cynthia Littleton’s TV on Strike: Why Hollywood Went to War Over the Internet discusses at length how the writer’s strike of 2007 (and into 2008) was preceded by a digital upheaval from 2005 and 2006 that produced a lot of uncertainties in the entertainment industry. Things such as DVR, iTunes, illegal file-sharing services, legal video […]

Reactions to Littleton’s TV on Strike

TV on Strike: Why Hollywood Went to War over the Internet by Cynthia Littleton really struck a chord with me; partly because I remember following the WGA strike on the news and even talking about it in class at my high school, but mostly because my mother, a freelance writer, producer and director for film […]

My Own Special Take on “TV on Strike”

Television recently should be very uptight because for once they have competition. Cynthia Littleton in her book, TV on Strike: Why Hollywood Went to War Over the Internet, talks about how “in the new media paradigm, television programming that was once exclusive to a single licencor is slowly but surely becoming a commodity…” (Littleton, 1). […]

United Hollywood

While reading Cynthia Littleton’s TV on Strike: How Hollywood Went to War Over the Internet, I became interested to see how the 2007 Writers Guild of America strike effected popular shows at the time. In chapter 5, titled “United Showrunners,” I found it interesting how guild members used the Internet to their advantage, just as […]

TV on Strike

Littleton’s TV on Strike, highlights not only the battle between writers and studios, but of the entertainment business’s lag behind the technology through which consumers are using as exhibition mediums and as her subtitle states, “Why Hollywood Went to War over the Internet.” Littleton discusses the Internet in a specific light, as something incomprehensible to these […]

The Future of Television

I still remember the thrill we had when American cable channels were first introduced in Vietnam. I was in middle school, spoke little to no English. Yet it did not stop me from spending hours in front of the TV, constantly watching shows from Cartoon Network to HBO to Discovery Channel. Our family would be […]