A Blast From Our Past: Establishing the Unconventional

For the sake of this post, I must reiterate a point I have stated before, I love film. Film is a incredible medium that allows people to represent positions and personally constructed visions of entertainment to public sources. As 21st century filmmakers, we have the control to produce forms of entertainment, while also sticking to […]

Antitrust : Fighting Monopoly in the Age of the Oligopoly

Introduction: The entertainment industry of today is dominated by a handful of companies that act as an oligopoly. A driving force behind the evolution of the film and entertainment industry is it’s complicated relationship with the government and the consequences that resulted from this. Below is a brief history of the film industry with a […]

AT&T and Time Warner: Attack of the Corporate Giants

If you consume your current events and worldly affairs with a hint of humor and sarcasm, than you may have heard of a man named John Oliver. In Sn 4 Ep 24 of his show, Last Week Tonight, which aired on September 24, 2017, he addresses the rise in corporate mergers which makes big business […]

Here’s a Tip

A bit about the history of gratuity.   Although the precise origin is not agreed upon, tipping began as an aristocratic habit in Europe sometime around the 1600’s. Some historical accounts of tipping provide accounts of detailing how European aristocrats would hire bodyguards for protection and would give extra coins along the way to guarantee […]

Brave New Economy Workplace

While reading No Collar by Andrew Ross I was struck by the language used to describe New Economy workplaces–language I recognized from dystopian novels such as We by Yevgeny Zamyatin and Brave New World by Aldous Huxley. The New Economy workplaces seemed to be striving towards a utopia in which the worker’s identity is tied inextricably to their job. […]

The Globalization of James Bond through Co-Production

Last week I discussed the impact of deregulation on media industries. This week while reading chapters 1-4 in Tanner Mirrlees Global Entertainment Media: Between Cultural Imperialism and Cultural Globalization the impact on deregulation on the industry was once again discussed but Tanner argues that the impact of deregulation limits the players within the industry, but […]

Modern Hollywood: The Impact of Deregulation on Technology and Ownership within the Industry

While reading McDonald and Wasko’s edited anthology, The Contemporary Hollywood Film Industry this week I really struggled to encapsulate all of the concepts touched on in the selected chapters into one idea. I finally after much contemplation came to the realization that any idea or outside example I chose to focus on would in some way […]

Yielding YouTubers: The Buy Out of Multichannel Networks and the Decline of Independent User-Generated Content

Many would claim that the internet serves as the final frontier for various reasons, such as freedom of usage without restrictive marketing implications or content-based regulations by government implementation. Though we currently live in an age where we live in fear of losing these freedoms due to corporate lobbying, we can slightly still hold a […]

Deregulation & Disruption: A Tyrannical Cycle

Jennifer Holt’s Empires of Entertainment: Media Industries and the Politics of Deregulation, 1980-1996 presents a case-by-case narrative of rampant and farcical capitalism through an American lens, packed with media moguls and expansive conglomerates. Holt rightly states that: “[This was a] Gilded Era for the entertainment industry — one that witnessed unprecedented growth, new developments, and […]

Imperial Media: The Battle for Acquisitions

In the sixteen years that Jennifer Holt’s book covers, television entertainment transformed from a contentious battleground of new media acquisitions to a formidable staple of everyday American life. She argues that a handful of central figures were responsible for this shift. The deregulatory swing started by Mark Fowler’s FCC fostered a capitalist environment where companies […]