Animal Actors Being Replaced by CGI Being Replaced by Unemployment

For a long time, Hollywood has been a death trap for animal actors. It is said that up to 100 horses died on the set of the 1959 film Ben Hur. This egregious case led Congress to implement policy on animal abuse within the film industry. Guidelines were put in place to protect animal actors. Animal […]

YouTube Poop: Participatory Culture without Rooted Fandoms

The more I read material on fandoms, the more I find myself trying to unpack some of the many culture creations that don’t particularly celebrate a fandom at all, but have created some kind of following of its own. In fact, there is a wide array of YouTube videos as participatory culture that derives off […]

VFX Industry’s “March to the Bottom” and the Halt on ADAPT’s Legal Efforts

Visual effects (VFX) is a front runner in film today, so it’s about time VFX workers get a little respect! Digital Visual Effects in Cinema: The Seduction of Reality, written by Stephen Prince, invites readers to take a second look at the big bad world of moviemaking through the digital realm of visual effects. Prince […]

La Vie Filmique // L’Objectif Numérique: The Visual Magic of Modern Blockbusters

Admittedly, it was a pleasant surprise to observe so many connections between Stephen Prince’s Digital Visual Effects in Cinema and the reading/facilitation last week in which we discussed the cinematic old versus the filmic new. The semantics of Prince’s facts and assertions are what held my attention the most, beginning with his mention of George […]

Digital Environments: Visual Effects and Realism

In the book Digital Visual Effects in Cinema: [The Seduction of Reality}, author Stephen Prince outlines the changes in filmmaking that have occurred as digital technologies have become more widely used. He first traces the beginning movements of digital technologies and how they have shaped our perceptions of realism, how they replicate traditional filmmaking and […]

Fan Suspicion of Digital Effects

Prince’s Digital Visual Effects In Cinema discusses the tension over practical and digital effects fostered by the rise of digital special effects to prominence. In the early 90s, films such as Jurassic Park began to employ digital special effects to accomplish tasks which previously required the use of practical effects such as animatronics. Prince highlights […]

The Oscars and Computer-Generated Characters

Interestingly enough the thing that I remember the most about this year’s Oscar is the dispute around Scarlett Johansson’s potential nomination for her performance as Samantha in Her, the talking operating system with an artificial intelligence. There is no physical presence of Scarlett Johansson on the screen. However, Johansson’s performance with her deep, sensual voice, […]