Exploitation is Exploitation is Exploitation

Last year I took John Miller’s econ class Sweatshops in the World Economy in which we examined the ongoing impacts of globalization, free trade and capitalism on working conditions both abroad and in the United States. Throughout the semester we were given four definitions of a sweatshop and asked to choose the one we felt […]

Amateur activism, or, classless broadcast

Fellow majors, I address you directly: the time has come for our last official reading. And what a ride it’s been! I know more about the workforce I’ll (hopefully) soon enter than I ever thought possible. This still may not prepare me for a career, but we can dream. Anyhow. The chapters we’re focusing on […]

The Psychopathic Corporation

While reading Tanner Mirrlees’s book Global Entertainment Media: Between Cultural Imperialism and Cultural Globalization, I couldn’t help but be reminded of Mark Achbar and Jennifer Abbott’s documentary The Corporation (2003), a film I watched my sophomore year for Third Cinema. In Chapter Two, Mirrlees examines the media corporation and the relationship between the owning class […]

Is Hollywood on the move?

Tom Schatz discusses the new era of Hollywood within his chapters in McDonald and Wasko’s edited anthology The Contemporary Hollywood Film Industry. He examines the way in which the film industries’ centrality has moved cross culturally from Hollywood to the rest of the United States and beyond, he states, “because of the proliferation of film […]

People are People

In his book Hollywood the Dream Factory: An Anthropologist Looks at the Movie-makers, Hortense Powdermaker examines the relationship between the actors who make up Hollywood and the overarching idea of Hollywood itself. He describes this relationship as tumultuous to say the least in stating, “In Hollywood, actors are not regarded as ordinary people, either. But […]

‘Is Filmmaking as We Know it Dead?’: How Digital Culture, Prosumer Cameras and Digital Distribution are Changing the Industry Landscape

In between reading some two hundred or so pages of Mark Deuze’s Media Work, I found some time to start reading François Truffaut’s book, Les Films de ma vie (The Films in My Life). In the first couple pages, Truffaut writes that, “André Bazin could not write today that, ‘All Films are born free and […]

Are Creatives Really Just Cogs In A Machine?: Creatives vs. 9-5’ers

Last week I wrote a very negative post, looking at what it takes to break into the creative industry and maintain a stable living while remaining true to ones art form.  I referenced an article last week which I believed bashed the practicality of succeeding in the creative industry, and to an extent Mark Deuze’s […]