Viacom – TV Marketing from Childhood to Adulthood

In Empires of Entertainment, Jennifer Holt reveals that only “six conglomerates dominate the global media marketplace” (Holt 2).  One of those conglomerates – and, I argue, one of the more damaging ones – is Viacom.   The major step that brought Viacom to level of media-conglomerate that it is today was the Paramount-Viacom merge that occurred in 1993. […]

Yielding YouTubers: The Buy Out of Multichannel Networks and the Decline of Independent User-Generated Content

Many would claim that the internet serves as the final frontier for various reasons, such as freedom of usage without restrictive marketing implications or content-based regulations by government implementation. Though we currently live in an age where we live in fear of losing these freedoms due to corporate lobbying, we can slightly still hold a […]

It’s Golden Again in America: Ronald Reagan and Hollywood

Jennifer Holt’s Empires of Entertainment explores the workings of deregulation and media conglomeration within the media industry during the 1980s and first half of the 1990s.  Her work focuses on a period of time booming with industry-altering mergers and policy changes. Despite its importance to the creation of the industry as we know it today, […]

Empires of Entertainment and Distribution Change

In her book Empires of Entertainment by Jennifer Holt, she covers the span of 15 years in which media companies gained the freedom to merge into giant “Empires of Entertainment”. Holt Focuses mainly on the 1980’s detailing what she believes is the beginning of empires. Stating that Ronald Reagan had influenced the beginning merge of […]

My Reactions/Thoughts: Empires of Entertainment

Through reading Jennifer Holt’s Empires of Entertainment, I learned a number of interesting, and at times, unsettling things about the media industries and the policies (or lack there of) that allowed media conglomerates to form and thrive to this day. Four discussions throughout various chapters in the book were of particular interest to me and […]

The HBO Empire and “The Business of Creating Addicts”

Jennifer Holt’s Empires of Entertainment: Media Industries and the Politics of Deregulation (1980-1996) is certainly a successful and exhaustive journey into the depths of American entertainment as we know it today. Firmly rooted in political and economical details and evidence, Empires of Entertainment closely examines the slow process of deregulation that worked its way through various media industries, […]

HBO and “Cutting the Cord”

Jennifer Holt’s Empires of Entertainment: Media Industries and the Politics of Deregulation, 1980-1996 plants a foundation for understanding the relations and evolutions of cable companies as well as networks. In Chapter 1, titled 1980-1983: Film Versus Cable, Holt explains the HBO investigation by the Department of Justice to evaluate the monopolizing actions that HBO were claimed to be […]