Competitively Creative

The creative industry consists of a variety of talent as described by Mietzner and Kamprath in A Competence Portfolio for Professionals in the Creative Industries : “The term ‘Creative Industries’ particularly includes companies which create, produce or distribute cultural and creative products and services” Mietzner and Kamprath The world has become more creative oriented than […]

The Art of Sound: Foley Artists

Sound has the ability to sway people emotionally ranging from sadness to fear. When you are watching a film, you probably are not thinking about the art behind the creation of a specific sound. This art is the job of a Foley artist. Foley artists create every single sound in films except dialogue. Their jobs […]

The Cost of Creativity: Paper to Screen

Nothing is better than when two great minds come together and collaborate with their ideas. However, when a film adaption of a book is released, it can be a difficult time to make sure both that audiences are pleased with the results. No two people look at one thing the same way, everyone has their […]

The Paradox of Neoliberalism

When reading Empires of Entertainment (Holt) I was struck by one particular quote; “Robert Britt Horwitz explains in The Irony of Regulatory Reform (1989) that deregulation incorporated a “surprisingly heterogeneous” political coalition that was aligned against continued government regulation.” (Holt, 12) The phrase “surprisingly heterogeneous” regarding the state of media landscapes rings true even almost […]

The Entertainment Race

Since the beginning of the 20th, companies in the film industry have been in a competitive race to capitalize on as many revenue streams as possible and be the top media giants in the country. In Empires of Entertainment: Media Industries and the Politics of Deregulation, 1980-1996, Jennifer Holt suggests when Warner Bros released the […]

Reflections on the Future: I Knew This Would Happen

In solidarity with my peer’s piece on the future I offer my own thoughts on the end of my life, commonly referred to as graduation.  In gearing up for my senior year of college I found myself considering the repercussions of what I had, or rather had not done, in the past 3 years of […]

Job Security in the Creative Industry

The creative industry is an overarching term used to describe a range of industries. All the industries have creativity at their center. But they also all require human creativity, the ability to convey meaning and the use of original intellectual property. The end goal being the creation of enjoyment, and sharing of ideas. Various methods […]

Why Is The Game Never Better?

As technology has allowed for new mediums for storytelling, capitalist structures have consistently sought out new ways to exploit these mediums for maximum profits. Bringing together different forms of media in a synergetic structure of licensing and branding is productive and economically viable for many “franchise”-based intellectual properties. It was only natural, then when video games rose in […]

How the Oscars Killed the Indie Buzz

Yet if, from one angle, Shakespeare in Love and Life is Beautiful can be seen in retrospect as signaling a high point for Miramax, from another they might be perceived as initiating the company’s downward trajectory-in terms of its status with the press and its broader impact on the specialty business. As Alisa Perren asserts in her work, Indie, […]

Movies, Media, and Instant Access

On page 38 of Wheeler Winston Dixon’s, “Streaming: Movies, Media, and Instant Access,” Dixon references Director Christopher Nolan’s unique dedication to protecting class production techniques. “Remarkably,” Dixon writes, “Nolan remains resolutely opposed to digital production, but what is even more remarkable is that whenever he does publicity for one of his new films, he spends […]