The Paradox of Neoliberalism

When reading Empires of Entertainment (Holt) I was struck by one particular quote; “Robert Britt Horwitz explains in The Irony of Regulatory Reform (1989) that deregulation incorporated a “surprisingly heterogeneous” political coalition that was aligned against continued government regulation.” (Holt, 12) The phrase “surprisingly heterogeneous” regarding the state of media landscapes rings true even almost […]

Movie Marketing and Product Placement

Movie marketing is one of the many important steps in the movie business that must always be taken seriously. Robert Marich talks about the subject of movie marketing in his book, Marich’s Marketing to Moviegoers: A Handbook of Strategies and Tactics, and he reveals some interesting truths about it. One of the interesting facts that […]

Marketing: The Battle for the Mind of the Moviegoer

Marketing movies towards the public is an art form, and such is shown throughout this past Marich reading, in which Marich describes the exhaustive means through which movies are marketed, which in the end wind up costing the same, if not more than the cost of producing the movie. According to Marich, depending upon the […]