Credit Where its Due: Game Writing

Whether it be a video game such as The Legend of Zelda or God of War, all games have a story that they tell in some way. They tell a story like no other: one that you get to play through, rather than just watch or listen. Of course, there is still a writing process […]

Trust Me, I’m Working

I’ve always loved playing games ever since I was a kid. As soon as I could hold a controller, or click on the right icon to start the game up, or understand the rules of a board game somewhat, I’ve always been interested in them. At ages 8 through 10, this wasn’t really that much […]

The Creative Class’s Role in Game Production (Or how a $80 Million sequel was beaten out by a $5000 kickstarted game)

I would go to say that video games are creative. Some of them, mind you, but not all. An Italian plumber riding on a dinosaur traveling through a kingdom to save a princess from a giant turtle is creative. An undead knight traversing the land to undo a curse is creative. A US Marine sent […]