From Here On Out

 All creative work is the result of shared knowledge and labor; originality springs forth not from the forehead of geniuses but from the ideas pooled by communities of peers. (Nice Work If You Can Get It : Life and Labor in Precarious Times, Andrew Ross) I have felt lost for a long time. I look […]

Visual FX: Primitive vs. Psychedelic

I have two favorite time periods of visual effects in film. Ironically enough, they achieve essentially the opposite impact for today’s audiences.

The Cable Wars: The Primordal Cable War for Dominance

Empires of Entertainment allows for the readers to delve into the world of television before the cable era and the changes that were brought about by the new market. The 1980s helped to shape the face of modern television by forming television into a more profitable medium. Amongst the various events and acquisitions that she […]