Change in the Creative Age

Hollywood has been the central point of mainstream media since its conception, but now with the continued development of the Creative Age, the focal point of mainstream media may be shifting towards something else.  Maybe because I am part of a generation that spends all their time on the internet, but most of the conversation […]

Hollywood and Propaganda

When the world was surveyed about who is the biggest threat to world peace, the United States of America was picked as the biggest threat.  According to Tanner Mirrlees in Global Entertainment Media: Between Cultural Imperialism and Cultural Globalization, “[f]ollowing World War II, the old European empires began to crumble.  The world system’s center of […]

“No stars, just talent:” or, how the Indie Film was won by Hollywood and changed its identity

There’s a scene about halfway through Robert Altman’s The Player in which studio executive Griffin Mill (Tim Robbins) is listening to the pitch of two idealist screenwriters. The story is compelling, but the screenwriters are adamant that the film not contain any stars, and that it not resolve itself. In a comment that’s a little on the […]

Self-Doubt In Hollywood and Beyond

  As we approach the end of our fourth year at Wheaton, we are all feeling a mix of emotions. Right now, excitement, anxiety, bee screaming terror (don’t worry I’ll get back to Nicolas Cage later) battle against each other, as we one day hope to feel security in the career paths we have chosen. […]

Risking It All In Hollywood: Intense Hope That Success Is Around The Corner

Put yourself is James Cameron’s shoes for a minute.  Third highest paid director in Hollywood, with a net worth of 700 million, nothing compared to the two ahead of him being Spielberg and Lucas with 3 Billion (with a B, no typo) and 3.25 Billion respectively.  I’ll come back to this idea in a bit, […]

Hollywood Sex

The Hollywood industry is very patriarchal.  It is made very clear in Hollywood, the Dream Factory by Hortense Powdermaker.  It is most evident when Powdermaker used examples of only men.  It is still true today with women in the Hollywood industry speaking out about their experiences. In history, women are discourage to have any power.  […]

No Appreciation for Art: Manipulation of Work in Hollywood

Growing up, the Hollywood movie scene seemed like a magical place. People could live off of making movies and playing music and writing funny pieces for television. It was a place I wanted to be. However, my younger self romanticized the movie industry. The older I got, the more I realized that it is a […]