From Here On Out

 All creative work is the result of shared knowledge and labor; originality springs forth not from the forehead of geniuses but from the ideas pooled by communities of peers. (Nice Work If You Can Get It : Life and Labor in Precarious Times, Andrew Ross) I have felt lost for a long time. I look […]

Blind Faith: The Individual and Vertical Integration

  Within Mark Deuze’s book, Media Work in the Digital Age, there seems to be an almost blind faith in the structural changes that are taking place within the creative industries, especially with regard to how individual workers, producers, and consumers ought to be understood within the larger context of the global economy, the creative […]

Television as Digital Media: How Individual Viewers are Changing the TV Game

Netflix. Hulu. HBO Go. There are a plethora of digital streaming services available nowadays, not to mention a whole host of On Demand features that generally come standard with even the most basic of cable subscriptions. TV just isn’t what it used to be; closer to its inception, television had the ability to bring people […]