HBO And The Film Industry: A Love Story

The first time that I watched an episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm, I couldn’t stop laughing for the entire half hour. It was like watching an episode of Seinfeld with no restrictions on the writing or the characters’ actions. Never before had I seen a T.V. show that was so creatively free, and I would […]

A Real Life Game of Monopoly

I consider myself a Disney fan. I grew up watching all the old 90s animated films, the cartoons, Disney Channel, heck I even went to Disney World…four times. But it never dawned on me how far-reaching the Walt Disney Company was in my media consumption until just a few years ago, when a new episode […]

Antitrust : Fighting Monopoly in the Age of the Oligopoly

Introduction: The entertainment industry of today is dominated by a handful of companies that act as an oligopoly. A driving force behind the evolution of the film and entertainment industry is it’s complicated relationship with the government and the consequences that resulted from this. Below is a brief history of the film industry with a […]

A Closer Look at the Disney vs. Netflix Debacle

Jennifer Holt remarks in her book Empires of Entertainment that “just six conglomerates now dominate the global media marketplace, sharing the common traits of convergence, consolidation, and a major international presence along with the apparent drive to ‘control everything’…” (2) Disney is one of these six key players—as has been remarked upon in other posts […]

It’s Golden Again in America: Ronald Reagan and Hollywood

Jennifer Holt’s Empires of Entertainment explores the workings of deregulation and media conglomeration within the media industry during the 1980s and first half of the 1990s.  Her work focuses on a period of time booming with industry-altering mergers and policy changes. Despite its importance to the creation of the industry as we know it today, […]

The Evolution of the Entertainment Industry

It is quite remarkable how the entertainment industry has evolved over the years as time has passed from decade to decade. Films are now at our fingertips with online streaming sites such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Video and Xfinity. Broadcast has also evolved as well as they are even channels that show films on a regular basis like FX or […]

Response to Empires of Entertainment

In Empires of Entertainment: Media Industries and the Politics of Deregulation, 1980-1996, Jennifer Holt aims to sketch a broad, yet detailed trajectory of the political, legal and economical changes as well as their consequences on the formation and transformation of the media industry in the United States. Holt’s arguments stress on the claim that telecommunications, […]