Issa Rae, Crowdfunding Queen

Like many a creative in today’s entertainment industry, Issa Rae wears a lot of hats: producer, writer, actress, and most recently, Covergirl, just to name a few. You may know her best as the creator and star of the HBO series Insecure, a comedy-drama that explores the contemporary black female experience through the best friendship of […]

Genuine Art: Indie Films and Over Saturation of Film Concepts

What does it take to make a genuinely original film?  Hollywood’s [6] major studios constantly remake books and other pieces of media into film.  On top of that you have genuinely passionate screenwriters who essentially have no legitimate say in the creation of the film, due to producers directors etc. and who can barely make […]

The Newest Hottest (and most controversial) Spike Lee Joint

In Chapter Four of Robert Marich’s Marketing to Moviegoers: A Handbook of Strategies and Tactics (3rd Ed.), entitled “Marketing in Digital Media”, Marich promptly explains, as according to F. Scott Fitzgerald’s unfinished novel The Last Tycoon, that “the whole equation” of movie marketing (in the digital age) is multivariable and perhaps no longer fully fathomable (Marich, 112). […]