Courting Controversy: Mirimax, Kids, and Shining Excalibur

Alisa Perren’s Indie, inc.: Miramax and the transformation of Hollywood in the 1990s, looks to Miramax, a company known for distributing “indie” films, in order to illustrate how one company was able to transform the independent film industry (and beyond). Perren works with a variety of case studies, but one in particlar stood out to […]

What’s Your Favorite Scary Movie?: Marketing the Horror Film

When it comes to the film business, marketing is half the battle. A film with even the hardest Hollywood hitters could not make it out of the gate without some publicity to fuel its exhibition run, a fact that was readily apparent to leaders of the indie movement in the 1990s. According to Alisa Perren […]

Kids: Indie, or Independent?

Alisa Perren’s case study Indie, Inc. examines the important roles that the Weinstein brothers and their company, Miramax, played in changing the cultural, political and economic landscape of Hollywood in the 1990s. In the book’s first chapter, she makes an intriguing distinction that I believe is worth noting here: “a film or company will be […]