Of Webisodes and Writer’s Guilds: ABC’s “Lost” and the 2007 Writers’ Strike

I grew up in a family of Lost fans. While the series was airing on ABC from 2004-2010, I distinctly remember witnessing my parents, my older brother, and even my aunts and uncles excitedly discussing theories and episode recaps with one another. While I didn’t watch the show until years after that contentious finale was […]

My Lost Years

“[W]hen we find something we like, we want to share our enthusiasm with someone else who ‘gets it.’” (Larson, Zubernis, 2). No kidding. I cannot tell you how exciting it is to meet someone new who has an affinity for something I also like. The more obscure it is, the better (if any of you […]


Within the book TV on Strike by Cynthia Littleton, I discovered the intricacies of The Writers’ Strike that began in November of 2007– which was a time I was watching a significant amount of television. It was my sophomore year of high school. To put this in perspective of my personal timeline, I got my […]