The Battle of Conglomerates: Android vs. Apple

Team Android or iPhone? It’s been the age-old question for years… well, since 2008 when the first Android phone was released. As soon as the Android was announced, Steve Jobs trashed it in the New York Times. “Android hurts [Google] more than it helps them . . . it’s just going to divide them and […]

Gateways to Creative Fields

“Employment insecurity”, a phrase Ruth Bridgstock uses in Creative graduate pathways within and beyond the creative industries, describes what those individuals who have studied and tried establishing a career in the creative field oftentimes feel. Why is this? While there are career challenges within the creative industry, there are tribulations within any field of interest, however, […]

Genuine Art: Indie Films and Over Saturation of Film Concepts

What does it take to make a genuinely original film?  Hollywood’s [6] major studios constantly remake books and other pieces of media into film.  On top of that you have genuinely passionate screenwriters who essentially have no legitimate say in the creation of the film, due to producers directors etc. and who can barely make […]

Dark Horse: The Marketing Strategies of Cloverfield (2008)

Advertising and marketing are the bread-and-butter of our consumer economy, as made clear in Marketing to Moviegoers: A Handbook of Strategies and Tactics by Robert Marich. Through a twisted synergy of the two, we are barraged with overt and subliminal messages all begging us to buy something of variant value. These two professions are also […]

Behind the Scenes: The Future of Marketing to Young People

When it comes to making movies, marketing is half the battle, during the digital age at least. As Robert Marich describes in his book Marketing to Moviegoers: A Handbook of Strategies and Tactics, creative advertising has drastically transformed since the first half of the twentieth century, when movie theaters would lead their own marketing efforts […]

Surprise, Surprise: My Social Life Is Just Another Commodified Product

This week’s reading, Off the Network: Disrupting the Digital World by Ulises Ali Mejias, discusses the contradictory goals and paradoxical inequality that forms from social networks. He also acknowledges the fact that the social communication in which we all take part is simply another commodity to be bought and sold. In this context, networked participation itself can […]

Molding Women into Bigger and Better Consumers?