Where Does The Star Wars Universe End?

The canon of the Star Wars universe is so vast, in depth, and ever expanding that there is an employee at Lucasfilm whose sole job is to uphold the consistency of all Star Wars content developed. This employee is Leland Chee and he is the creator and keeper of ‘the Holocron‘: a continuity database that […]

Media Franchising and Gender Reinforcement: A Girl’s Perspective on Her Love for Power Rangers

Derek Johnson proposes in the introduction of his work, Media Franchising: Creative License and Collaboration in the Culture Industries, that the success of franchises relies on the reinforcement of gender stereotypes. He explains: Masculinized or feminized, the fact that so many of these franchises do have a specific gender orientation (heavily policed especially in the case of cultural […]

What Sort of Fan Reads Playboy? Franchising “The original men’s magazine”

Derek Johnson’s Media Franchising: Creative License and Collaboration in the Culture Industries looks to a variety of case studies in order to analyze the complexities of media franchising, tracing the relationship between creativity and business savvy. Franchises, whatever their trademark may consist of, are ultimately guided by licensing agreements and regulated collaboration. In order to […]

Why Is The Game Never Better?

As technology has allowed for new mediums for storytelling, capitalist structures have consistently sought out new ways to exploit these mediums for maximum profits. Bringing together different forms of media in a synergetic structure of licensing and branding is productive and economically viable for many “franchise”-based intellectual properties. It was only natural, then when video games rose in […]

Media Franchising & TV Spin-offs

The franchise exists everywhere around us and is well within our media. Franchises can be found on screen, making the food we eat, the toys and video games we play with, or even the books we read. The franchise business model, as explained by Derek Johnson in Media Franchising – Creative license and Collaboration in […]

Crowds Contra Creativity and the Re-Imagination of Media Franchises

The schema for media franchising in America leaves a lot to be desired when observed closely. Derek Johnson, the author of Media Franchising: Creative License and Collaboration in the Culture Industries, extensively outlines the evolution of conglomeration and franchising in a Hollywood context. As a disclaimer, Johnson states that the variety of sources he interviewed […]

Media Franchises: Creative Collab?

I’ve never been a fan of franchises. It’s not the idea of the franchise itself that bothers me per se; I’ve just never felt particularly drawn in by films of the Fast and Furious and Twilight variety. That said, I do feel that the media landscape of today is quickly becoming more and more homogenous, […]

Media Franchising as a Collaborative Creation

This week’s reading by Derek Johnson, Media Franchising: Creative License and Collaboration in the Culture Industries, discussed in great depth the complexities of product expansion.