Not Another Patreon Podcast

Rarely have I ever considered donating to a Patreon for a content creator —granted, every time that I’ve been tempted to I had no stable source of income with which to do so. Truthfully, it was likely better that way, as several of the creators that I’d considered good candidates to receive my money turned […]

To The Internet and Creatives: An Open Rant About Getting No Collar Jobs & The Value of Creative Work

Preface Andrew Ross’s book Nice Work If You Can Get It was insightful and a very good read.  Ross studied job insecurity and the new trends of the workplace and did so at an emerging time.  He contrasts the sweatshop style labor to the new trending style of creatives in the U.S. This rant should […]

Media Franchise Identity

In his conclusion, Derek Johnson states that after writing this book, Media Franchising he believes franchising itself is often misunderstood as the homogenization of culture. Rather, “Creative in the sense that franchises must be creatively bounded with other cultural products that may be very different, and thus collaboration calls for a specific type of creativity, which […]