Another Take on Synergy

What it is? Where do we see it? And how has it influenced our access to media? The first image that appears in my mind upon hearing the word synergy, is the act of working together. I think about that harmonious scene from Elf  when the camera zooms onto the table in the middle of Santa’s work shop […]

The Changing Network

As the title suggests, the ‘network’ has changed, folks. We have all learned about networks and nodes, either through this book, Intro to New Media, or perhaps Professor McCormack’s Media and Society. Through the courses, we have focused our discussion of them as digital means of communication. But what about that which exists outside of the nodes? Ulises […]

Tech-obsessed: networked and online determinism

Ulises Ali Meijias’ Off the Network discusses “the technological phenomenon [that] represents the most dangerous form of determinism in the modern age” (xiv, introduction). “Our tools shape our way of acting, knowing, and being in the world,” writes Meijias, “but some of their influence can unfold without our consent or even awareness, and this determinism is […]