Hooli the “best” place on earth…

“Hooli isn’t just another high tech company. Hooli isn’t just about software. Hooli. Hooli is about people. Hooli is about innovative technology that makes a difference, transforming the world as we know it. Making the world a better place, through minimal message oriented transport layers. I firmly believe we can only achieve greatness if first […]

The Humane Workplace and Small Business (Or How My Father Made Life Easier For Himself)

While reading Andrew Ross’s No Collar – The Humane Workplace and Its Hidden Costs I of course was reminded of the various stories of big-name companies like Google, Facebook, and Pixar who take pride in trying to create a comfortable workplace for their workers. But as I read I began to connect what I was […]

Fronteer Strategy: A European Case Study

While reading Andrew Ross’ book, No Collar: The Humane Workplace and Its Hidden Costs, I thought back to the new media class I took abroad. The founder of a consulting firm based in Amsterdam was one of the first speakers to visit our class early on in the semester. When he first described his company, […]

The Vans Warped Tour: A Transient Industrial Bohemia

Last week I discussed the punk rock tradition and how through non-conformity and the traditional components of punk rock: individual freedom and anti-authoritarian sentiment actually creates a conformist bohemia. This is done through the musicians’ ability to create an artistic space within a city that once the musicians make it to the mainstream and attract […]