The Mental Illness Happy Hour Podcast

 The Mental Illness Happy Hour, is a weekly hosted  audio podcast hosted by Paul Gilmartin, which consists of interviews with artists, friends and doctors. The series was created in March, 2011 and is still continuing to produce new content. Each episode is ranges from 34 minutes – 2 hours 30 minutes. On average, each podcast […]

Why are Writers Exploited for Their Work and Who is Supposed to Help?

For a long time, there have been creative people who make, write, or build art for the masses to enjoy, and also those who would seek to exploit them to profit off of that art. Over time these mediums have evolved and new ones have been created. In the modern age, it has become easier […]

Identities in Women’s Magazines

    Women’s magazines are in the identity business based on understanding demographics. While women’s magazines are themselves a genre, they seek niche audiences, marketing to specific tastes, creating a specified audience who will continue to be loyal to their magazine. In Chapter 4 of Remake, Remodel, “Rethinking Readership: The Digital Challenge of Audience Construction, Brooke […]

Confidence Killers: Cosmo’s Grip on the Female Consumer

Throughout the majority of Duffy’s Remake, Remodel: Women’s Magazines in the Digital Age, the author takes the liberty to comment upon the progress that women have galvanized since the early days of regulated publication. She regards the progress as nothing short of phenomenal, and notes the rise of magazines detailing subjects mostly for and by […]