Writers of Original ‘Lion King’ Lose Out on Credit for 2019 Remake

Before the release of the ‘live-action’ Lion King remake, concerns arose about how credit would be distributed to individuals who worked on the original Lion King. According to an article from Hollywood Reporter, storyboard artist, Jorgen Klubien, who worked on the original animated film, “learned that his credit may not appear on this summer’s CGI-enhanced […]

Why VFX Companies Are Going Broke

For the past decade, the box office has been dominated by Sci-fi / Dystopian/ Super hero films. All of these films rely heavily on special effects and CGI. Even popular television shoes like Stranger Things, Supernatural and Flash use CGI in varying degrees. Many famous and well regarded award shows have categories for CGI and […]

The Nostalgia Wars: Netflix vs. Cable

In TV on Strike: Why Hollywood Went to War Over the Internet Cynthia Littleton discusses the importance of residuals as, “sacrosanct for the creative community as Social Security and Medicare are for voters in election years. Residuals are fiercely protected by the creative community because they are such a large component of annual income for […]