Writers of Original ‘Lion King’ Lose Out on Credit for 2019 Remake

Before the release of the ‘live-action’ Lion King remake, concerns arose about how credit would be distributed to individuals who worked on the original Lion King. According to an article from Hollywood Reporter, storyboard artist, Jorgen Klubien, who worked on the original animated film, “learned that his credit may not appear on this summer’s CGI-enhanced […]

Hidden Stars Behind the Curtains

When you hear about top hits at the box office or trending shows on Netflix, most people recognize the titles by knowing names of the actors or big companies that produced them – but what about the people who came up with the story behind it all? Writers are some of the most under appreciated […]

TV On Strike: What led to the growth of Product Placement

Cynthia Littleton’s TV on Strike Why Hollywood Went to War over the Internet is an informative look on how the Writers Guild of America (WGA) banded together to go on strike over the ever-growing media changes brought on to the television industry by the Internet. Starting in 2005, after a series of media innovations, the […]

The One Where They Go On Strike: Friends, Netflix and the Value of Reruns

The lack of respect shown to television writers by the entertainment industry remains, to me, unfathomable. With networks struggling to attract new, dedicated audiences, one would think that the value of a good writer would be of the utmost importance. While directors and producers bring the words on the page to life and imbue typed […]

Reactions to Littleton’s TV on Strike

TV on Strike: Why Hollywood Went to War over the Internet by Cynthia Littleton really struck a chord with me; partly because I remember following the WGA strike on the news and even talking about it in class at my high school, but mostly because my mother, a freelance writer, producer and director for film […]

United Hollywood

While reading Cynthia Littleton’s TV on Strike: How Hollywood Went to War Over the Internet, I became interested to see how the 2007 Writers Guild of America strike effected popular shows at the time. In chapter 5, titled “United Showrunners,” I found it interesting how guild members used the Internet to their advantage, just as […]

TV on Strike

Littleton’s TV on Strike, highlights not only the battle between writers and studios, but of the entertainment business’s lag behind the technology through which consumers are using as exhibition mediums and as her subtitle states, “Why Hollywood Went to War over the Internet.” Littleton discusses the Internet in a specific light, as something incomprehensible to these […]