Of Webisodes and Writer’s Guilds: ABC’s “Lost” and the 2007 Writers’ Strike

I grew up in a family of Lost fans. While the series was airing on ABC from 2004-2010, I distinctly remember witnessing my parents, my older brother, and even my aunts and uncles excitedly discussing theories and episode recaps with one another. While I didn’t watch the show until years after that contentious finale was […]

ABC’s Response to Loss in Viewership and Product Placement with Desperate Housewives

The 2007-2008 television season was faced with major set backs as the WGA went on strike over contract issues with major studies. They wanted to renegotiate to address how new media would shape distribution and viewing over the next couple of years and how it would affect residuals payments. The major studios and the writers […]

TV on Strike

Littleton’s TV on Strike, highlights not only the battle between writers and studios, but of the entertainment business’s lag behind the technology through which consumers are using as exhibition mediums and as her subtitle states, “Why Hollywood Went to War over the Internet.” Littleton discusses the Internet in a specific light, as something incomprehensible to these […]


Within the book TV on Strike by Cynthia Littleton, I discovered the intricacies of The Writers’ Strike that began in November of 2007– which was a time I was watching a significant amount of television. It was my sophomore year of high school. To put this in perspective of my personal timeline, I got my […]