Bob, Harvey and Quentin Unchained

My lesson from Alisa Perren’s Indie, Inc: Miramax and the Transformation of Hollywood in the 1990s was two-fold: I learned that the Weinstein Bros. made Miramax the enormous success that it was and that they are also responsible for kick-starting Quentin Tarantino’s now sensational career. Considering their current cult following, it seems odd to recall […]

Courting Controversy: Mirimax, Kids, and Shining Excalibur

Alisa Perren’s Indie, inc.: Miramax and the transformation of Hollywood in the 1990s, looks to Miramax, a company known for distributing “indie” films, in order to illustrate how one company was able to transform the independent film industry (and beyond). Perren works with a variety of case studies, but one in particlar stood out to […]

Miramax and its “Secret” for Staying in Business

Miramax is widely known as an entertainment company that primarily focuses on the distribution of independent and foreign films. Miramax was founded in 1979 and it was “established” by two brothers, Bob and Harvey Weinstein (Perren, 2). However, it took more than a decade for Miramax to become an “attractive target for Disney and other […]

Market those Films!

Alisa Perren’s book Indie, Inc. reflects on the decade of the 1990s and how Miramax as a company sought a specific niche in identifying themselves as distributors of “Independent” films. However, it was not that Miramax just made these specialty films available to a wider audience, but that because it was so successful in doing so, […]