An Argument For Our Identities

I remember back when I was 10 years old, and my parents always gave me the same warnings when I was online – “Don’t tell anyone who you are,” “Don’t give away your real name,” etc. I distinctly remember playing some RuneScape after school(an online game where users enter a magical world, fight monsters, go […]

Hope For The Future

Just a couple of months ago, the FCC was paid into voting against Net Neutrality. This isn’t the first time that the cable companies have tried to bring an end to Net Neutrality, they did the same thing in 2014, leading to a similar amount of backlash. Though I’m frustrated with the FCC’s decision, I […]

Today’s “Legion of Decency”

I find it really interesting to watch films from around the time that the Hays Code was in effect. There’s such a dramatic difference in how these films handle certain sensitive subjects, often times by just hiding it from the screen. Consider this scene from the classic 1944 film, Double Indemnity: Violence is implied, yet we […]

Trust Me, I’m Working

I’ve always loved playing games ever since I was a kid. As soon as I could hold a controller, or click on the right icon to start the game up, or understand the rules of a board game somewhat, I’ve always been interested in them. At ages 8 through 10, this wasn’t really that much […]

Degree or Not Degree

The creative industries are huge. For those of us who want our careers to involve producing content or acting creative in some way, there are a ton of places for us to actually practice our crafts, while making a living doing so. A lot of what I’ve been studying in the past year for New […]

Writing and Editing Reality

Despite the fact that me and many of my friends and relatives would consider me a cinephile, I still love reality TV. I’d probably consider it one of my guilty pleasures – it’s not smart entertainment, but it’s entertainment nonetheless. To be clear, the types of shows that I like to watch don’t include those […]

HBO and Feature Film-quality TV

Back in the late 1970’s/early 1980’s, HBO became a major enemy of the motion picture industry. This was primarily due to the fact that HBO bought the rights to so many films owned by the studios, using the guise of convenience and lower price of subscription television to deliver the films to their viewers. HBO […]