Writing and Editing Reality

Despite the fact that me and many of my friends and relatives would consider me a cinephile, I still love reality TV. I’d probably consider it one of my guilty pleasures – it’s not smart entertainment, but it’s entertainment nonetheless. To be clear, the types of shows that I like to watch don’t include those […]

HBO and Feature Film-quality TV

Back in the late 1970’s/early 1980’s, HBO became a major enemy of the motion picture industry. This was primarily due to the fact that HBO bought the rights to so many films owned by the studios, using the guise of convenience and lower price of subscription television to deliver the films to their viewers. HBO […]

A Modern (Open) Radio

Back when I was eight or nine years old, my dad used to drive me to school once or twice a week. Usually, during this time, he’d let me pick out music to play on his second-generation iPod, but one day, he discovered these things called “Podcasts” on iTunes. Initially, I wasn’t sure what to […]

Welcoming the World to Pinball

Contrary to popular belief, pinball isn’t all about luck or just bashing a metal ball with a couple of plastic flippers. Generally speaking, different machines have different layouts, shots, scoring systems, and rules meant to distinguish them from one another. While many people believe that the game isn’t really under your control, more experienced players […]