IATSE: Doing Good in Local Communities

As a film and media major, I have enjoyed working on the production process of various short films throughout my time as a college student. That is not to say it is not time consuming and often stress inducing when things don’t go as planned. Over time, I have gotten to understand this process and what those […]

Will HBO Dominate Film and Cable TV?

In regards to watching shows these days, a common question heard amongst adolescents is, “Do you have HBO?” (And if so, can I have your password?) I too am guilty of asking a few of my friends this because of my “dire need” to watch The Wire, Sex and the City, or Westworld. I must […]

The Moth: Artful Storytelling

One of my favorite memories as a young kid growing up was listening to my parents read or tell me a story. You know a story is good when you’re transfixed. They help us understand the fact that we aren’t that different from one another; they help us relate and connect on a very personal […]

Homemade Gin, Anyone? How the Internet is Bringing Us Back to DIY

  While scrolling through The Grommet, one can find a plethora of products that are “invented by people with stories.” A particular pattern I discovered on the website were the DIY items that kept appearing amongst inventions such as edible chocolate candles, a hard boiled egg peeler, and guacamole preservation containers. In particular, “The HomeMade Gin […]