Think It’s Too Late to Learn Guitar? Don’t “Fret”

Ever wanted to play guitar but don’t have the time or money for private lessons? With the Jamstik+, it’s easier now more than ever to pick up basic guitar chords in a matter of minutes. The Jamstik+ is designed to look like a guitar with the neck, strings, and frets, but is connected wirelessly via […]

We Can All “Bee” the Change!

As the years progress, we sadly can see the health of our planet beginning to deteriorate, due to various reasons. Realistically, not everyone can contribute in helping change our environment, but those who have the ability to make meaningful products in the creative industry contribute to the change. When creative individuals have an idea for […]

Aaron Mahnke’s Success as an Independent Podcaster

  If you only know one podcast by name, there’s a good chance its This American Life’s true crime series Serial. The immense success of Serial’s first season in 2015 marked podcasts’ move out of the shadow of obscurity and into the cultural mainstream. Some of the more savvy radio outlets, like NPR and the […]

The End of BIG and the Beginning of BIGGER

If you google “Etsy success stories” on google, you get about 994,000 results. Hella Ganor Jewellery is one of those success stories. The store opened on Etsy in 2015.  It uses both handicraft elements and 3D printing during any single process to produce unique and inspiring jewellery, often in their signature continuous, geometric flow.  However, […]

From Textbooks to YouTube

With the increase of technological innovation, searching for information on one’s own is easy to do. As students, we no longer have to take a class on a certain subject to learn about it. There are TV shows, documentaries, and articles just waiting to be discovered about any number of subjects. Websites like YouTube and […]

Building a Community after Gaining a Moment of Internet Fame

Access to media created by non-professionals is and has been at an all time high. People put funny or interesting videos up on the internet. Some creators will have a video go viral or build a community over time. But what happens when a creator puts something online, it goes viral, and immediately the entire audience […]

Who owns what? Kina Grannis and a fan funded music label

According to John Hartley’s article “Economy + Culture + Technology = Newness,” talent is the product of culture. Through interactions within and among groups, innovation emerges. One important aspect of the temporal nature of the internet, is the feeling as though a user can be a direct contributor to the content of a given producer. […]

The Art of the Video Essay

WHAT? A video essay is, in the most basic sense, an observational essay read aloud and combined with some kind of visual component. WHO? There are a decent amount of video essay creators throughout the internet. Some noteworthy examples of video essay creators include Every Frame a Painting, and Channel Criswell. The one I would like […]

Homemade Gin, Anyone? How the Internet is Bringing Us Back to DIY

  While scrolling through The Grommet, one can find a plethora of products that are “invented by people with stories.” A particular pattern I discovered on the website were the DIY items that kept appearing amongst inventions such as edible chocolate candles, a hard boiled egg peeler, and guacamole preservation containers. In particular, “The HomeMade Gin […]

Building Conscious Culture

By Trina Manoloulis Philosophy is an intriguing area of study that uses what one knows to be true and discusses the patterns of beings and thinking that is before us. As technological advancement proceeds further to next level processes to problem solve, the philosophical discussions must adapt to these changes. This must be done without […]