That big ol’ double edged sword.

Ah copyright. The bane and love of many a creative individual. The fact of the matter is that copyright is as much a headache as it is a godsend when it comes to those who strive to make their way into the creative industries. It can help protect your materials that you have spent countless […]

How to be a Pirate

Have you ever pirated? A song? A movie? A small sailing vessel? Why not? Why would you ever pay ten bucks for a movie when all you need to do is input ‘free streaming’ on Google and BOOM, you have a list of reputable venders who are more than willing to post free content online. […]

Turn the Valve, reap the rewards

Allow me to introduce to you to Valve Software. A company which in effect breaks away from not just typical methods of leadership, but also as a whole is a unique example of a company which is able to succeed based on their unconventional methods of structure within their business. Now for those of you […]

The Internet Bohemia

When realizing that part of my homework load this weekend was a reading on bohemia’s in cities (Wicker Park Chicago or Williamsburg NYC) I questioned the enduring need for these sites in the shadow of the accessibility of the internet. Yes these places will be nice to have for the sake of your day-to-day life added […]

Please press ‘Here’ to start (Part 2)

I connected us to this page because I thought you guys might find this video interesting. (Originally I was going to do something youtube or reddit and have the post be a comment but I was worried about a) outside interaction and b) how well you’d be able to find it) It’s an ad for […]

Please press ‘HERE’ to start (Part 1)

So this week I wanted to do something different. While reading Richard Florida’s The Rise of the Creative Class, the whole piece struck me as one that was centered around where the creative class rests in the world today. It talks about who this class is, what they do, how much they earn, where they […]

Let’s not have Vanilla

In our recent history of media we are faced with an issue that if left unchecked, possibly could impact culture on a wide spectrum. Where now we live in a world of diverse cultures, beliefs and ideas, if we allow the current climate of globalization to endure we are faced with a world that possibly […]