The Problem with the Creative Industries or: The One Where Thomas Writes Way Too Much About Music

I had the pleasure of listening to Marc Maron’s WTF podcast last week. His guest on the show was musician/music producer Steve Albini. Albini was the founding member of one of the most sarcastic aggressive bands to come out of Chicago’s punk scene, Big Black (abrasive might be a bit of understatement in describing their […]

What Does Television Even Mean Anymore?

More and more it seems like my friends have told me they don’t have cable anymore. Seemingly after years of people going on about their 800 or so channels, the discussion has changed to, how many streaming services do you belong to: Hulu, HBO Go, Netflix, etc? We don’t consume things on TV like we […]

Don’t Forget About Gaffers: Where Does Blue-Collar Fit in the No-Collar System?

As you guys know, I’m super into film. So, I wanted to contextualize this reading within a topic I care deeply about for this post. I’ve also have been kind of disappointed with the focus on knowledge workers/”above the line” workers in the creative industries (Of course, it makes sense that we focus on knowledge […]

Bohemia and Banana Shirts: The Image of Squalor in Bohemia.

So, before I really get into this post, I wanted you all to check out a song. Music and Bohemia kind of go hand in hand and Chicago, in general, has always had a great music scene (if you have time check all the songs mentioned in the reading), but I’m actually posting the song, […]

Leaving Home for the Creative Industries

One of the things that really struck a chord with me in Richard Florida’s book, The Rise of the Creative Class was the discussion of place. For those of us who aren’t from New York or LA, or newer hotbeds like Austin, there’s a decision to be made in the near future about where we’re […]

Why Hollywood Style Films Should Stay in Hollywood

While reading Tanner Mirrlees’ Global Entertainment Media: Between Cultural Imperialism and Cultural Globalization I was really struck by the influence Hollywood has over other countries’ film industry and culture. The US really has a cultural monopoly on the style of film that is commercially created. Despite my love of American cinema, I don’t consider this a […]

Bottle Rocket: a case study on the term ‘independent’

A few of my peers have written some great posts on the question, “What does independent mean?” I honestly don’t have an answer for that question. It sure seems to me that the term ‘independent film’ is always stuck between trying to define itself as a way of production or as a film style. Furthering this, […]

How do We Cope with the Creative Industries?

About two blog posts back, I talked about the myth of the artist as a singular being. One of the things I focused on in that post was the how we as consumers like how relatable the individual artist or craftsmen is. In Hesmondalgh and Baker’s Creative Labour: Media Work in Three Cultural Industries, Raymond Williams is […]

‘Is Filmmaking as We Know it Dead?’: How Digital Culture, Prosumer Cameras and Digital Distribution are Changing the Industry Landscape

In between reading some two hundred or so pages of Mark Deuze’s Media Work, I found some time to start reading François Truffaut’s book, Les Films de ma vie (The Films in My Life). In the first couple pages, Truffaut writes that, “André Bazin could not write today that, ‘All Films are born free and […]

The Dissonance Between Artistry and Industry: Is It Possible for Individual Artistry to Exist Within the Creative Industries?

If you haven’t heard The Beach Boys’ album, Pet Sounds, I really suggest you give it a listen right now. This article can wait, or if you’re feeling up to multitasking, you can read while you listen. So go grab the record, buy it on itunes, pull it up on spotify, whatever works for you, […]