Social Media through Adobe MAX

A few weeks ago, our Film and New Media senior seminar cohort were tasked to attend the Adobe MAX conference to learn more about the industry and the types of careers we would like to pursue. As someone who has struggled with figuring out what type of career I would be pursuing post-Wheaton, going to […]

Blog Post 4: Adobe Max

At first, I was not particularly interested in the Adobe Max conference. I don’t use any Adobe products, and I don’t plan on buying any in the near future because they’re so expensive. I honestly expected to just told how great Adobe is, how everyone should buy it, etc. I have been turned off by […]


I attended 2 sessions, both selected according to their titles and I thought I would gain knowledge for my capstone project. The first one was taking professional images from your phone, and since the medium I have decided to use for my capstone project is my phone this seemed fitting. This session was full of tips […]

A Reflection On A Seminar From Adobe Max

Recently I had attended the Adobe Max conferences which had a large range of seminars, I focused on seminars based around the Adobe Creative Cloud Platform and creative arts management. The reasoning behind my seminar choices is firstly, the Adobe Creative Cloud is right in my wheelhouse and that is the platform I know the […]

My Adobe Max Experience

For my Senior Seminar class, we had the opportunity to sign up for the 2022 Adobe Max Creativity Conference. There were guests featured from all over the world that included Steve Aoki, Kevin Hart, Jeff Koons, Parris Goebel, and Courtney Quinn. Each of us had the opportunity to pick sessions that we were interested in […]

Establishing Your Name on Social Media

The events I attended for the Adobe MAX Conference were Digital Life for The Next Generation: Media and Technology and Using Metrics to Build a Successful Social Media Strategy. The “Digital Life” conference was led by Merve Lapus: VP of Education Outreach and Engagement. All of the information I will be discussing came from his […]

Learning, thinking, and joining the Industry (Adobe MAX)

On Tuesday October 18, I attended the Adobe Max online sessions. Due to the regular course schedule, as well as, required work load during the two days I was only able to attend my Tuesday schedule over the Wednesday (minus one online session and the sneaks). My schedule consisted of (all that I was able […]

Blog Post 3: A Filmmaker’s 21st-Century Journey

Going through this chapter was extremely enlightening for me. I would like to be a filmmaker so I got to read about the journeys that people have gone through to get there. One thing that stuck out as a potential obstacle to me is what appears to be tight-knit social groups in the film world. […]

What is My Next Step?

After reading part IV of Death of An Artist I learned about art history and the evolution of art. Through the years, art has continuously progressed with media, and it is still one of the biggest contributors in pop culture today. In the second section of part IV “The Fourth Paradigm” he talked about what […]

A jack of all trades is a master of none, but oftentimes better than a master of one

I look at my decision as to why I decided to come to Wheaton over following my initial decision to pursue Art school. If I’m being honest, if it wasn’t for my scholarship (Posse Foundation), I wouldn’t be here. I would have accepted my offer to The New School – Parson (only other school I […]