Determining our Intellectual Worth

This being our last blog post for the semester, I am becoming frighteningly aware of how close we are getting to the end of our college careers. Aside from the usual stress that this entails, finding a job, a place to live, etc. Being an international student or an ‘alien’, I am also thinking about […]

Keeping up with the Technology

Upon reading Littleton’s book ‘TV on Strike: Why Hollywood Went to War Over the Internet’ I felt this huge disconnect from the reading concerning the events that occurred between 2007 and 2008. To be honest I still kind of do. Being around 14 at the time and living thousands of miles away from the United […]

The Payoff of No-Collar Work

Last summer I was given the opportunity to intern at a start-up called Livspace. The company essentially specialised in custom designed furniture using a web-based platform. My job was to get the word out about this new and innovative idea. For a month and a half I was slowly given control of their social media […]

The Bartender: Living a Double Life

Recently, a friend and I decided to have a change in pace for the weekend. We headed up to Boston to check out this bar she had been raving about for months now. It was a cold Saturday night, we considered ourselves lucky that the line of around ten people fit indoors. We were greeted […]

Vampires in the Creative Class

Remember when we were obsessed with vampires, and everywhere you turned there was a television show, book or film that tried to convince us for a short amount of time that they were walking amongst us? Each medium, each story spun their own version of a vampire. Some couldn’t be in the sunlight, others slept […]

Living America, Abroad

Not so long ago, in one of my women and gender studies classes, a student brought up the statistic that “the average age a boy first views pornography is now 11.” (Colvin) This led us into the age old discussion, ‘what impact is porn having on society?’ Considering how young and impressionable children are at […]

The American Dream in Practice

The Hays code or the production code was a kind of censorship that film directors and producers began to follow in the 30’s. Some of the hard limits that were enforced included “pointed profanity, nudity, sex.” While suggestions of vulgarity were frowned upon, they were often let go. Because let’s be real, considering the extensive […]