A Smaller Scale Franchise

I can still remember the first time I watched M. Night Shyamalan’s Unbreakable, Ironically I had just watched my favorite film at that time X2: X-Men United the day before; I was expecting another action packed and spandex filled superhero film but received quite the opposite. Unbreakable was a dark and gritty realistic superhero film […]


So what is the MBA? Well the MBA stands for the Minimum Basic Agreement. It’s an agreement for the Writers guild of America. It makes sure the rights of the writers are met. Back in 2007 there was a strike as many of the workers weren’t getting paid any extra when their work ended up […]

Netflix Against Unionized Workers?

When Netflix came into the picture in the late 1990’s no one expected it to beat the one and only video rental service, Blockbuster. Then again, when Netflix added a streaming service to its company, the expectation for this new media was far lower than what we see today; Netflix’s influence over broadband streaming and […]


According to the Oxford Dictionary, dubbing is replacing the original speech in a movie or television program with words in another language. In other words, dubbing commonly refers to a post-production process in which the actor’s voices are replaced with different voices from performers speaking another language. Dubbing first originated when actors had an unsatisfactory […]

Developer Abuse – How Game Designers Enjoy No Job Security

On September 21st, 2018, 250 employees working for the massive game developer Telltale Games were laid off, under what Telltale called a “majority studio closure“. With no forewarning or severance, hundreds of people lost their jobs and were given half an hour to leave the building, save for a small team of 25 workers that […]

A Poorly Directed Idea: THE DGA?

The more learn about the Directors Guild of America (DGA), the more skeptical I become. From what I can discern on their website and other sources like this one from Slate, I am confused as to how the DGA is still in business and not known as a scam among directors in the film industry. […]

The Art of Sound: Foley Artists

Sound has the ability to sway people emotionally ranging from sadness to fear. When you are watching a film, you probably are not thinking about the art behind the creation of a specific sound. This art is the job of a Foley artist. Foley artists create every single sound in films except dialogue. Their jobs […]